From SQL to XML

The apache module mod_sqil is a lightweight RDBMS to XML mapper. It implements an XML dialect named SQI(nterface)L. What it does is best shown by an example:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<test xmlns:sqil="">
<sqil:parameter name="lbl" type="http-get" />
sqil:statement rowname="row" rownum="idx" count="count">
artist AS <sqil:field name="artist" />,
titel AS <sqil:field name="titel" />
FROM platten
<sqil:if-exists name="lbl">
WHERE label = <sqil:bind name="lbl" />
will output database content as follows
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<parameter name="lbl" value="ZYX" />
<row><idx>1</idx><artist>The Age Of Love</artist><titel>The Age Of Love - Original</titel></row>
<row><idx>2</idx><artist>Benny Benassi</artist><titel>Hypnotica</titel></row>
<row><idx>3</idx><artist>Armand van Helden</artist><titel>Funk Phenomena 2K</titel></row>
<row><idx>4</idx><artist>2 Unlimited</artist><titel>No Limit 2.3</titel></row>
<row><idx>5</idx><artist>Wink</artist><titel>Higher State Of Consciousness</titel></row>
<row><idx>6</idx><artist>Isaac Hayes</artist><titel>Shaft 2001 Remix</titel></row>
<row><idx>7</idx><artist>InGrid</artist><titel>You Promised Me - SFaction Mix</titel></row>

This is a simple tool for a single purpose: Querying SQL databases. It is not intended to output arbitrarily formatted XML. If you need that, there are mod_transform and others like it to do further processing on the output. You can also do this to give the client database access via AJAX.

You will need
  1. the SQIL spec,
  2. the module source and
  3. a configuration example
to get this running.

It requires
  1. apache 2.2,
  2. mod_form, the latest version of mod_xmlns and
  3. librecode.
If you encounter problems feel free to contact me.